Welcome to Blue Fitness Gyms

We’re not like other gym suppliers. We come to you with a wealth of fitness equipment experience. We specialise in supplying an extensive range of high quality, durable gym equipment to private homes, clubs and commercial gyms. Blue Fitness Gyms is the fastest growing supplier of gym equipment across the Costa Del Sol and Gibraltar.

At Blue Fitness Gyms we focus on building trustworthy, transparent relationships with our clients to guarantee robust equipment and gyms designed specifically to your needs.

Our services

Unlike some of our competitors, we fully fit, install and train the end user on how to use each and every piece of equipment. Our team is also fully trained to service all products supplied. Our entire range comes with comprehensive warranties.

Through our strong relationships with equipment suppliers such as True, Physical and Exigo, we will deliver and install all equipment at a rate and price that you could not achieve if approaching these suppliers directly. With our specialist team we can turn your dream of a luxury gym into a reality.

Moreover, Blue Fitness Gyms can provide you with professional advice on the most space efficient and aesthetically pleasing gym layout and designs through free consultations, before any contract or payment has even been made without obligation.

Product Ranges

The products available from Blue Fitness Gyms range far beyond basic weightlifting. We can provide you with products such as the Stretch Cage, used by hundreds of professional athletes due to the unique stretches available that target muscles usually ignored.

Or The Alpine Trainer, which allows you to run at gradients up to 30% which were previously not possible, bringing your training to an intensity you’ve never experienced before.

We supply products in all sectors of fitness, from cardio to combat training. If you need it we have it.

Not only do we have a variety of unique products that are new to the market, but we also have a diverse range for home, light commercial and full commercial. The difference being light commercial is more suitable for the home gym and high commercial being more appropriate for elite gyms.

We can also customise the colours of the frames and upholstery to complement the interior of your home or commercial gym.

Concept design

At Blue Fitness Gyms we pride ourselves on being able to offer a unique and comprehensive facility design service. Help us understand your plans and we will guide you step by step through your gym design. We will help you achieve your business goals and meet your equipment and budgetary requirements.

Location / Contact

We are situated in Sotogrande, but work heavily across Gibraltar and the Costa Del Sol. We have also done previous installations throughout other regions of Spain.

To get in contact, email us at either;


or by mobile at;

+34 670 331 462